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Founded in 2007, Gensonic International is a system integration service company integrating product development and design, production and manufacturing, sales and service, installation and maintenance


Over the years, we have always maintained a firm attitude of step-by-step, constantly accumulating professional technology, continuously strengthening service capabilities, recruiting elite talents in various industries, striving to improve maintenance technology, and effectively solving customer problems as the priority.


Gensonic International focuses on the MOCVD (Metal-Organic Compound Chemical Vapor Deposition System) trading business and provides system renovation, system installation and adjustment, system after-sales service business, and professional relocation system engineering business, to meet the needs of various industries with integrated services


Gensonic International is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. And our efforts are not only about providing excellent products and services to those who need them. We further develop and research more competitive products, and accelerate our growth through innovation, institutional and collaborative capabilities. We are constantly exploring and developing technologies and products that significantly impact our engineering staff. However, in the face of the ever-changing market demand, with our years of experience accumulation and continuous enhancement of innovation capabilities and increasingly perfect delivery capabilities, we have won the trust and cooperation of many customers.


The customers served by Gensonic International include photoelectric lighting, flat panel displays, solar energy protection and energy conservation products, Class III semiconductors, compound semiconductors, 5G communications... It includes all the middle and downstream customers of finished product production, manufacturing, and processing. Since 2020, Gensonic Technology has added a dedicated business unit of "PPE Personal Protective Equipment" to provide services for various industries (chemical, medical, semiconductor, food, agriculture, mechanical processing...). Proper, safe, and appropriate personal protective equipment. with cooperation.